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Public Administration


Zhang Xia


Highest degree: Master

College with the highest degree: Xidian University

The first-level disciplines:Business Administration



Office phone:029-81891360


Main research directions

Technological innovation and Regional human resource management

human resource management of public sector


2006-2020, Human resource management, Undergraduate Chinese Course

2008-2017, Performance appraisal and compensation management, Undergraduate Chinese Course

2006-2008, Management, Undergraduate Chinese Course

2009-2020, Comprehensive experiment of human resource management, Undergraduate Chinese Course


1999.9-2003.7, Xidian University, College of Humanities, Marketing, Bachelor of Management

2003.9-2006.4, Xidian University, College of Humanities, Marketing, Technical economy and management, Master of Management

Work Experience

2006.4-, Xidian University, Teacher


The Third Prize of Shaanxi Provincial Philosophy and Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award in 2018(4/6)

The First Prize of Shaanxi University Humanities and Social Science Research Outstanding Achievement Award in 2013(6/8)

The First Prize of the 13th Excellent Textbook of Xidian University in 2013(6/7)

Paper Publishing

Zhang Xia, Wang Linxue. Study on the Synthetic Evaluation Indicator System of Human Resource Competitiveness of High Technolgy Zones and the Indistinct Synthetic Evaluation[J]. Science of Science and Management of S.& T., 2006(03): 123-127+132

Zhang Xia, Wang Linxue. A Study of the Micro-Macro Realization Mechanism of the H&T Zones' Human Resource Competitiveness [J]. Journal of Xidian University(Social Science Edition), 2006(02): 67-72

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Zhang Xia. Study on comprehensive development evaluation of population, resources, environment, economy and society system in Xi'an [J]. Rural Economy and Science-Technology, 2012(11): 5-9

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Du Yueping, Wang Linxue, Duan Limin, Zhang Xia et al.Comparative Study on Innovation System of World-class Science Parks. (9787224097047), Shaanxi People's Publishing House,2011.04.

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Zhangxia. Performance appraisal and salary management (9787560652610), Xidian University Press, 2019.6


Research on the relationship between employee over-education and company performance in China(K50511080005),Basic scientific research business expenses of universities, 2011.6-2013.6, Presider(1/6)

Research on the Effects of my country's Human Capital Composition on Regional Economic Growth(JB140615), Basic scientific research business expenses of universities, 2014.6-2016.6, Presider(1/6)

Research on the Development Mode and Strategy of the Bulk Commodity Exchange Market in Shaanxi Province (BD14017060003),Shaanxi Provincial Social Science Fund Project, 2017.8-2018.7, Participant(4/5)

China's steel market price discovery and volatility spillover analysis for the entire industry chain and the establishment of multi-level market research(ER2201506000),Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Youth Fund Project, 2015.3-2018.3, Participant(5/5)

Multi-stage dynamic research on the mechanism of human resource management's support to the organization under the compound perspective(71302111),National Natural Science Foundation, 2014.1-2016.1, Participant(5/6)

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