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Management Engineering


Liu Aijun


Highest degree: PhD

College with the highest degree: Chongqing University

The first-level disciplines:Management Science and Engineering

Title:Associate Professor

Position:Doctor Mentor

Office phone:029-81891360


Main research directions

2017-2018,Quality Engineering, MBA International Students, English

2017-2020,Quality Management and Reliability Engineering, Undergraduate Student, Chinese

2019-2020,Management Research Method,International Students, English


2000.9-2004.7, Chongqing University, college of mechanical engineering, Industrial Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering

2004.9-2007.7, Chongqing University, college of mechanical engineering, Management Science and Engineering, Master of Management

2009.3-2011.12, Chongqing University, college of mechanical engineering, Industrial Engineering, Doctor of Engineering

Work Experience

2007.07-2009.03, Guangdong Ocean University, Teaching Assistant

2012.03-2012.11, Southwest Jiaotong University, Lecturer

2012.11-2016.06, Xidian University, Lecturer

2014.04-2015.04, Arizona state university, Visiting Scholar

2016.07-, Xidian University, Associate Professor


2019, The second prize in the fifth Postgraduate Innovation Achievements Exhibition of Shaanxi Province (3/3)

2019, The third prize of Outstanding Achievement in Humanities and Social Science research of Shaanxi Universities (1/3)

2019, The third prize of the 14th Outstanding Achievement Award of Philosophy and Social Science in Shaanxi Province (3/3)

2018, The second prize in the fourth Postgraduate Innovation Achievements Exhibition of Shaanxi Province (3/3)

Paper Publishing

Yu G, Liu A, Sun H. Risk-averse flexible policy on ambulance allocation in humanitarian operations under uncertainty[J]. International Journal of Production Research, 2020: 1-23.

Liu A, Zhao Y, Meng X, et al. A three-phase fuzzy multi-criteria decision model for the charging station location of the sharing electric vehicle[J]. International Journal of Production Economics, 2019: 107572.

Liu A, Liu T, Ji X, Lu H, Li F. The Evaluation Method of Low-Carbon Scenic Spots by Combining IBWM with B-DST and VIKOR in Fuzzy Environment[J]. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2020, 17(1): 89.

Du G, Shi Y, Liu A, et al. Variance Risk Identification and Treatment of Clinical Pathway by Integrated Bayesian Network and Association Rules Mining[J]. Entropy, 2019, 21(12): 1191.

Liu A, Xiao Y, Lu H, Tsai S B, Song W. A fuzzy three-stage multi-attribute decision-making approach based on customer needs for sustainable supplier selection[J]. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2019, 239: 118043.

Liu A, Qiu H, Lu H, Guo X. A Consensus Model of Probabilistic Linguistic Preference Relations in Group Decision Making Based on Feedback Mechanism[J]. IEEE Access, 2019, 7: 148231-148244.

Liu A, Ji X, Lu H, et al. The selection of 3PRLs on self-service mobile recycling machine: Interval-valued pythagorean hesitant fuzzy best-worst multi-criteria group decision-making[J]. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2019, 230: 734-750.

Liu A, Ji X, Xu L, et al. Research on the recycling of sharing bikes based on time dynamics series, individual regrets and group efficiency[J]. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2019, 208: 666-687.

Liu A, Liu H, Xiao Y, et al. An Empirical Study on design partner selection in green product collaboration design[J]. Sustainability, 2018, 10(1): 133.

Liu A, Zhu Q, Ji X, et al. Novel Method for Perceiving Key Requirements of Customer Collaboration Low-Carbon Product Design[J]. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2018, 15(7): 1446.

Su J, Wei M, Liu A. A Robust Predictive–Reactive Allocating Approach, Considering Random Design Change in Complex Product Design Processes[J]. International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems, 2018, 11(1): 1210-1228.

Liu A, Fowler J, Pfund M. Dynamic co-ordinated scheduling in the supply chain considering flexible routes[J]. International Journal of Production Research, 2016, 54(1): 322-335.

Wang X, Ci T, Tsai S B, Liu A, Chen Q. An empirical study of collaborative capacity evaluation and scheduling optimization for a CPD project[J]. PloS one, 2018, 13(8): e0200753.

Wang F, Li H, Liu A. A novel method for determining the key customer requirements and innovation goals in customer collaborative product innovation[J]. Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, 2018, 29(1): 211-225.

Liu A, Hu H, Zhang X, et al. Novel two-phase approach for process optimization of customer collaborative design based on fuzzy-QFD and DSM[J]. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 2017, 64(2): 193-207.

Liu A, Pfund M, Fowler J. Scheduling optimization of tasks allocation in integrated manufacturing system based on tasks decomposition[J]. Journal of Systems Engineering and Electronics, 2016, 27(2): 422-433.

Wang F, Li H, Liu A, et al. Hybrid customer requirements rating method for customer-oriented product design using QFD[J]. Journal of Systems Engineering and Electronics, 2015, 26(3): 533-543..


Junxiu Jia, Aijun Liu, Hua Li. System engineering (9787560632599). Xidian University Press, 2014.

Fumin Deng, Xuedong Liang, Aijun Liu. Series of modern industrial engineering: Engineering Economics (9787509623916).Economic management press, 2013.(Excellent Textbook Award 2016)


Countermeasures for Promoting the Integration and Extension of The New Energy Bus Industry Chain in Shaanxi Province (2019C068), Shaanxi Social Science Union, Provincial Level, 20119.01-2020.05, Leader (1/5)

Study on Site-path Optimization Method of Intelligent Cold Chain Logistics under Uncertain Environment (BilSCIC-2019KF-12), Project of Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministerial level, 2019.06-2021.06, Leader (1/6)

Research on Internal Mechanism and Mechanism Innovation of Targeted Poverty Alleviation in Rural Areas based on Big Data (2018R23), Soft Science program of ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministerial Level, 2018.03-2019.03, Leader (1/5)

Study on Spatiotemporal Structure Evolution and Control of Discrete Manufacturing System Service under Disturbance Cascade Effect (2017JM7004), Basic Research Plan of Natural Science of Shaanxi Province, Provincial Level, 2017.01-2019.03, Leader (1/7)

Research on evolution Mechanism and Control Mechanism of Vulnerability of cloud Manufacturing System in global Manufacturing Environment (13XJC630011), Humanities and Social Science Project of Ministry of Education, Ministerial level, 2013.01-2015.12, Leader (1/6)

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