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Management Engineering


Ai Shizhong


Highest degree: PhD

College with the highest degree: Xidian University

The first-level disciplines:Management Science and Engineering

Title:Associate Professor

Position:Master Mentor

Office phone:029-81891360


Main research directions

Business management; Knowledge management


2006-2018, Forecasting and Decision Making, Chinese Course for Undergraduates

2006-2020, Operational Research II, Chinese Course for Undergraduates

2009-2020, Research of Network Economics Chinese Course for Postgraduates

2018-2020, Engineering Appraisal, Chinese Course for Undergraduates


1986.9-1990.7, Jianghan Petroleum University, Department of Geophysical Exploration, Bachelor degree.

2000.1-2003.12,Northwestern Polytechnical University, Computer Application Technology, Master of Engineering

2006.9-2015.7,Xidian University, Computer Application Technology, PH.D

2006.12-2007.12, University College Dublin, College of Business, Department of Information system. Visiting scholar

2012.3-2012.8, Georgia State University, School of Business, Department of computer Information System. Visiting scholar.

Work Experience

1990.7-2002.12, Xi'an Petroleum Exploration Instrument General Factory. Senior engineer.

2003.1-2005.5, China National Petroleum Corporation Logging Co., Ltd. Senior engineer.

2005.5-now, Xidian University, School of Economics and Management, Department of Management Engineering, associate professor


2014, Won the First Prize of Shaanxi Higher Education Science and Technology Award (2/11)

2014, Won the Second Prize Xi’an Science and Technology Award (2/4)

2013, Won the First Prize of Shaanxi Higher Education Science and Technology Award, (1/7)

2013, Won the First Prize of Outstanding Achievement Award of  the Humanities and Social Science Research of Shaanxi Higher Education Institutions, (2/2)

2012, Won the Third Prize of Xi’an Science and Technology Award, (4/7)

2009, Won the Third Prize of Xi’an Science and Technology Award (2/3)

2009, Won the Shaanxi Higher Education Science and Technology Award (2/5)

Paper Publishing

Shizhong Ai, Rong Du, Detmar W. Straub, Likoebe M. Maruping, Yumeng Miao, Measuring creolization in IT outsourcing: Instrument development and validation [J], International Journal of Information Management, 2019, 47(1): 16-30.

Shizhong Ai, Rong Du, Cathal M. Brugha, and Hongpeng Wang, Pointing to Priorities for Multiple Criteria Decision Making — The Case of a MIS-Based Project in China[J], International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making2016,15(03):683-702

Shizhong Ai, Rong Du, Pamela Abbott, Yingqin Zheng, Internal and contextual factors, knowledge processes and performance: Form the Chinese provider’s perspective[J], Expert systems with applications, 2012, 39(4): 4464-4472.

Shizhong Ai, Rong Du,Qiying Hu,Dynamic Optimal Budget Allocation for Intergrated Marketing Considering Persistence[J],International Journal of Informational Technology & Decision Making,2010, 9(.5):715-736.

Rong Du, Shizhong Ai, Pamela Abbott, Yingqin Zheng. Contextual Factors, Knowledge Processes and Performance in Global Sourcing of IT Services: An Investigation in China[J]. Journal of Global Information Management, 2011, 19(2): 1-26.

Rong Du, Shizhong Ai, Cathal M. Brugha,Integrating Taoist Yin-Yang thinking with Western nomology: A moderating model of trust in conflict management[J],Chinese Management Studies,2011,5(1): 55-67.

Rong Du, Shizhong Ai, Cross-Organizational Knowledge Acquisition through Flexible Hiring and Joint R&D: Insights from a Survey in China [J].Expert Systems With Applications. 2008, 35(1-2): 434-441.

Rong Du, Qingying Hu, Shizhong Ai. Stochastic Optimal Budget Decision for Advertising Considering Uncertain Sales Responses [J]. European Journal of Operational Research. 2007, 183(3): 1042-1054.

Rong Du, Shizhong Ai, Yuqing Ren. Relationship between Knowledge Sharing and Performance: A Survey in Xi'an, China [J]. Expert Systems With Applications. 2007, 32(1): 38-46.


Research on Information Feedback of E-commerce Platform in Consideration of Merchants’ Strategy Selection and Consumers’ Perception Changes (71771184), National Natural Science Foundation of China, General Program, 2018.1-2021.12, participant (2/10)

Research on Intellectual Property Registration and Intellectual Asset Management Based on Block Chain (2018KWZ-04), Shaanxi Key International Science and Technology Cooperation Project, January 2018-December 2020, participant (2/6)

Research on Knowledge Sharing between Service Providers and Customers in the Global Procurement of Information Technology Services (71271164), National Natural Science Foundation of China, General Program, 2013.1-2016.12, participant (2/8)

Application Comparison of a New Multi-criteria Decision-making Theory and Method in Economic Management Decision-making in Shaanxi and Ireland (2015KW-054), Shaanxi Key International Science and Technology Cooperation  Project, 2015.07-2017.04, participant (2/6)

Xi’an Cross-border E-commerce Pilot and Online Silk Road Development Research (SF1502 (1)), Xi’an Key Science and Technology Plan Project, 2015.11-2016.12, participant (2/6)

Research on Knowledge Management Issues in IT Outsourcing (09YJA630126), Foundation Project of Ministry of Education, Humanities and Social Science Research Plan, 2010.01-2012.12, person in charge (1/7)

Strong Science and Technology Capital Construction Planning and Development Policy Research (20180507-1RK2SF5 (10)) Xi’an Soft Science Project, 2018.6-2019.6, person in charge (1/7).

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