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Management Engineering


Hui Tiaoyan


Highest degree: Master

College with the highest degree: Xi’an Jiaotong University

The first-level disciplines:Business Administration

Title:Associate Professor

Position:Master Mentor

Office phone:029-81891360


Main research directions

Management Decision-making, Regional Economic Development


2004-2020, Facility Planning, Chinese Course for Undergraduates [in Chinese]

2004-2016, Forecast and Decision, Chinese Course for Undergraduates

2018-2020, Production Planning and Control, Chinese Course for Undergraduates

2012-2015, Quality Management, English Course for International Undergraduates of BBA program

2013-2019, ERP Experiment, English Course for International Undergraduates of BBA program

2015-2016, MBA Quality Engineering, Chinese Course for Professional Postgraduates of MBA program

2015-2019, Project Management, Chinese Course for Professional Postgraduates of MBA program

2015-2020, Facility Planning and Enterprise Logistics Management, Chinese Course for Postgraduates


1996.9-2000.6, School of Management, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Bachelor Degree in Business Administration

2001.9-2004.7, School of Management, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Master Degree in Business Management.

Work Experience

2000.07-2001.08, employee in Xi’an Post Office

2004.06-now, Faulty member in Xidian University


2015, Won the Second Prize  of Shaanxi Province Outstanding Achievement Award in Philosophy and Social Sciences, (2/3)

2015, Won the First Prize of Outstanding Achievement Award of  the Humanities and Social Science Research of Shaanxi Higher Education Institutions, (2/3)

2016, Won the Third Prize the Ninth Shaanxi Xi’an Outstanding Social Science Achievement Award, (2/3)

Paper Publishing

Hui Tiaoyan, Guo Xiao. Measurement of Coordinated Development Level of Economy-Resource-Environment in the Western Area [J]. Statistics & Decision, 2019 (11): 124-128

Hu Xin, Wang Caiping, Hui Tiaoyan. Research on Capacity Cooperation between China’s Northwest Area and Central Asia——Taking Shanha Connection as an Example [J]. Journal of Xidian University (Social Science Edition), 2016 (6) : 45-56

Guo Yayu, Hu Xin, Hui Tiaoyan. Comparative Study on the Advantages of Western Manufacturing and Southeast Asian Countries’ Undertaking of International Industrial Transfer——Taking Chongqing and Shaanxi as Examples [J]. East China Economic Management, 2013 (8): 53-58


Hu Xin, Hui Tiaoyan, Zheng Yaoqun. Research on Regional Industrial Transfer and Industrial Upgrading Issues in the Western Development in the New Era (ISBN No.: 978-7-5097-7186-0), Social Science Academic  Press, 2015.4. (Enrolled in the 2014 National Achievements Library of Philosophy and Social Sciences)

Li Hua, Hu Qiying, Liu Yun, Wang Jian, Hui Tiaoyan. Prediction and Decision-Making Course (ISBN No. 978711619161), Social Science Academic  Press, July 2019. (“12th Five-Year Plan” Textbook)

Shen Zunhuan, Hui Tiaoyan. Institutional Investment Governance and China’s Practice (ISBN No. 9787560654355), Xidian University Press, September 2019.


Research on Innovative Development Path and Countermeasures of Shaanxi’s New Generation of Information Technology Industry (Project No.: 2018KRM158), Shaanxi Soft Science, General Project, 2018.6-2020.5, person in charge (1/5)

Research on Targeted Poverty Alleviation of Industrial Industries in Deeply Poor Counties in Shaanxi Province (Project No.: 2018D21), Shaanxi Social Science Fund Project, General Project, 2018.8-2020.8, person in charge (1/5)

Research on Capacity Cooperation Emphasis and Promotion Strategy between Xi’an and Central Asian Countries from the Perspective of Symbiosis Theory (Project No.: 201911813RKX002SF006-3), Xi’an Soft Science Project, General Project, 2019.8-2020.8, person in charge (1/5)

Shaanxi Cyberspace Civil-Military Integration Industry Development Research (Project No.: 99903163067), CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee Soft Science Project, General Project, 2016.10-2017.12, person in charge (1/3)

Investigation on the Basic Situation of Shaanxi Electronic Information Industry (Project No.: DF0105150605), Soft Science Project of Industry and Information Technology Department of Shaanxi Province, General Project, 2015.09-2016.12, person in charge (1/3)

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