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Management Engineering


Gong Xiaojun


Highest degree: Master

College with the highest degree:Xi'an University of Technology

The first-level disciplines:Management Science and Engineering

Title:Associate Professor


Office phone:None

Main research directions

2010-2019, Operations Research, Chinese Course for Undergraduates

2015-2019, Forecasting and Decision Making, Chinese Course for Undergraduates

2017-2019, Facilities Planning, Chinese Course for Undergraduates

2017-2019,  Engineering Economy, Chinese Course for Undergraduates


1987.9-1991.7, Department of Management, Shaanxi Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor Degree in  Management Engineering

1991.9-1994.7, Department of Business Administration, Xi'an University of Technology, Master Degree in Management Engineering

Work Experience

1994.12-present,Faculty member in Xidian University


Won the Second Prize of Xi'an Science and Technology Award in 2007(Five/Unknown)

Won the Third Prize of Xi'an Science and Technology Award in 2012(Two/Unknown)

Paper Publishing

Gong Xiaojun, Solution to Repetitive and Dispersal Funding of Enterprises' R&D Projects [J]. Oil Forum,2016(2):5-11

Gong Xiaojun, Yang Yan, Influential Factors and Decision Strategy of Firm’s R&D Organization [J]. Oil Forum,2015(5):55-59

Gong Xiaojun, Li Suicheng, Literature Review on the Relevance of Management Theory and Practice, [J]. Chinese Journal of Management, 2011(5):775-783


Fang Chaoliang, Liu Yaxu, Gong Xiaojun, Input Output Evaluation of Petroleum Science and technology(ISBN:978-7-5021-8558-9),Petroleum Industry Press,September 2011.

Fang Chaoliang, Gong Xiaojun, Zhang Jianjun, Liu Yaxu, Science and Technology Management Knowledge System(ISBN:978-7-5183-0753-1), Petroleum Industry Press, October 2015.


Research on Management Theory and Practice of Scientific Research Institutes in Modern Enterprises(5006/99903180028),Crossing Research Project,2017-2020,Person in charge(1/3)

Research on Management System and Mechanism of Enterprise Scientific Research Institute(5006/99903170003), Crossing Research Project,2017, Person in charge(1/4)

Typical Case Study on Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements(HX0109060914), Crossing Research Project,2009-2010,Person in charge(1/3)

Research on the Theory of Science and Technology Management Knowledge System(HX0108061214), Crossing Research Project, 2008-2009, Person in charge(1/5)

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