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Management Engineering


Guo Ning


Highest degree:PhD

College with the highest degree:Northwestern Polytechnical University

The first-level disciplines:Management Science and Engineering



Office phone:029-81891009

Main research directions

Project Management


Major courses


2006.09-2010.07,School of Communication and Information Engineering,North University of China,Bachelor Degree in Biomedical Engineering

2011.09-2014.06,School of Economics and Management, Lanzhou University of Technology,Master Degree in Management Science and Engineering

2014.03-2019.07,School of Management, Northwestern Polytechnical University,Doctor Degree in Management

2016.09-2017.09,Katz School of business, University of Pittsburgh, Doctor Degree of Joint Education in Project Management

Work Experience

2019.11-present, faculty member in Xidian University


Won the Second Prize of Science and Technology Award of Shaanxi Province in 2018(7/9)

Paper Publishing

Ning Guo, Peng Guo, Haiyong Dong, Jing Zhao, Qingye Han. Modeling and analysis of cascading failures in projects: A complex network approach [J]. Computers & Industrial Engineering, 2019, 127: 1-7.

Ning Guo, Peng Guo, Jennifer Shang, Jing Zhao. Project vulnerability analysis: a topological approach [J]. Journal of the Operational Research Society, 2019, 1-10.

Ning Guo, Peng Guo, Ravindranath Madhavan, Jing Zhao. Assessing the vulnerability of megaprojects using complex network theory [J]. Project Management Journal, 2020.


Research on Complex Network Generation and Game of Multi-agent Conflict in Project Group under Bounded Rationality(71672145),National Science of Foundation of China,General Project, January 2017-December 2020, Participant (7/10)

Complex Network Game Research on Multi-agent Conflict of Urban Infrastructure Project Group under Typical Social Preference(2018JM7002),Basic Research Program National Science of Foundation of Shaanxi Province, General Project,January 2018-December 2019, Participant (5/6)

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