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Management Engineering


Shi Hongwei


Highest degree:PhD

College with the highest degree:Northwest A&F University

The first-level disciplines:Management Science and Engineering

Title:Associate Professor

Position:Master Mentor

Office phone:029-88201801


Main research directions

Business administration, supply chain management& service innovation


2005-2020,Financial Management, Cost management Theory and Method, History of Management Thought and School of Management, Engineering Economics, in Chinese, for Undergraduates

2005-2020,Production and operation management, in Chinese, for academic postgraduates

2005-2020,Logistics and supply chain management, Financial management, Facility planning and design, in Chinese, for Professional Postgraduates

2005-2020,Financial management, wholly in English for international BBA undergraduate program

2005-2020,Project planning and control, wholly in English for international BBA undergraduate program

2005-2020,Logistics and supply chain management, wholly in English for international BBA undergraduate program

2005-2020,Management research methods, MBA Chinese Course


1982.9-1985.7,Military Supplies Institute of PLA ,Department of enterprise management, business management,Bachelor

1989.9-1992.7,Xi'an Jiaotong University, School of economics and management, technical economics, master of engineering

2000.9-2003.7,Northwest A & F University, School of economics and management, PhD candidate

Work Experience

1985-1989, 3507 factory, Xi'an, cadre

1992-1995, Zichuan District Planning Commission, Zibo City, Shandong Province, cadre

1995-2004 School of economics and management, Xi'an Petroleum University, faculty member

2004-2005,Twente University ,visiting scholar

2005-present, Xidian University, faculty member


2015 Shi Hongwei , Feng Lekui, Research on the Government Role and Management Improvement of Xi'an Tourism Resources Development Process, Excellent papers of Shaanxi Federation of Social Sciences in 2015, December 2015 (1/2)

Excellent Teachers of Shaanxi Master of Business Administration Institute

Paper Publishing

Shi Hongwei, Li Mingqiang, Fan Pan, Research on Optimization Principle and Experimental Scheme of Facility Layout and Logistics System Based on SLP, Value Engineering December 2019

Shi Hongwei, Lin Huilin,Research on Optimization Experiment Scheme of Industrial Engineering System Based on Job Analysis, Modern Education  August 2019

Shi Hongwei, Liu Binglu, Research on the Process Management of Autonomous Learning of International Students in China Based on Career Perception,Time Education,March 2018

Shi hongwei,Liu Binglu。Research on Knowledge Fusion ProcessBased on Knowledge Potential in Collaborative Innovation Network,International Journal of science,2018.1

Shi Hongwei, Gao Yuxuan, Liu Binglu, Research on College Students' Career Planning and Learning Process Optimization Based on Career Value Orientation, Modern Education, June 2017

Shi hongwei,hanguobao,Optimization of Muti-agent Innovation System and Its Knowledge-Syncretism Path Based on the NeuralNetwork,International Core Journal of Engineering,2017.10

Shi Hongwei,  Li Ludan, Research on Knowledge Redundancy and Knowledge Increment Model of Innovation Network, December 2016, VOL33-124-128

Shi Hongwei, Kang Xinlan, Centrality Definition and Node Innovation Model Based on Innovation Network Structure,  Science and Technology Management Research, October 2016, VOL36-1-12

Shi Hongwei, Kang Xinlan, Research on the Path to Enhance Regional Centrality under the Background of Silk Road Economic Belt, Report on the Development of the Silk Road Economic Belt (2014).

Xidian Universtiy Press 2015

Shi Hongwei, Kang Xinlan,  Research on Cluster Centrality and Incentive Conditions of Collaborative Innovation Based on Knowledge Chain, Science & Technology Progress and Policy, August 2015,  VOL4-32-16


Commercial Real Estate Management and Operation Mode Selection(20902190004), Electric Graduate School Project, 2019.1-2019.12 (1/2)

Xi'an Qinwen Staff Recruitment Management and Service Innovation(HX03201810011), Crossing Research Project, August 2018-August 2019 (1/2)

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