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Economics and Finance


Liu Jing


Highest degree: PhD

College with the highest degree: Xi'an Jiaotong University

The first-level disciplines:Applied Economics

Title:Associate Professor


Office phone:029-81891360


Main research directions

Industry Development and Innovation Policy

Science and Technology Finance


2013-2014, Industrial Economics, Undergraduate Chinese Course

2007-2020, Cost accounting, Undergraduate Chinese Course

2018-2020, Securities Investment Theories


1999.9-2003.7,Xidian University,School of Humanities,Marketing,Bachelor of Management

2003.9-2006.3,Xidian University,School of Economics and Management,Business Management,Master of Management

2008.9-2012.2,Xi'an Jiaotong University,School of Economics and Finance,Economics,Doctor of Economics

Work Experience

2006.3-,Xidian University,Teacher

Paper Publishing

Liu Jing, Du Yueping. The Transfer Cost Caused by Asset Specificity in Technology Innovation [J]. Science & Technology Progress and Policy, 2005(08):113-115

Liu Jing, Du Yueping. Analysis of Optimal Investment Decision for Product Innovation and Process Innovation in a Monopoly Market [J]. Science & Technology Progress and Policy, 2008(07): 23-26

Liu Jing, Du Yueping. Research on the Characteristics, Shortcomings and Optimization Paths of the Technological Innovation System in Xi'an High-tech Zone [J]. Science and Technology Management Research, 2010(01): 82-84

Liu Jing, Zhong Weizhou. Study on Drivers and Countermeasures of System Regression in Chinese Hi-tech Industrial Development Zones [J]. Science of Science and Management of S.& T., 2010(03): 16-19

Liu Jing, Zhong Weizhou. A Review on Development System of China Environmental Protection Industry [J]. Science & Technology Progress and Policy, 2010(20): 157-160

Liu Jing, Zhong Weizhou. Study on Integrative Innovation Model Based on the Soft systems Methodology [J]. Science & Technology Progress and Policy, 2011(02): 13-17

Liu Jing, Zhong Weizhou. Study on Evidence , Reasons and Countermeasures of Inadequate Diffusion Function in Chinese High-tech Industrial Development Zones [J]. Science & Technology Progress and Policy, 2011(07): 39-42

Liu Jing, Zhong Weizhou, Zhao Wu. A Review of Academic Research on Corporate Investment Effects of Stock Price Bubbles [J]. Modern Economic Research, 2013(04): 61-64

Liu Jing, Zheng Lina. Path creation and transformation of technological innovation mode in China’s high - tech zones [J]. Science Research Management, 2016(S1): 98-102

Liu Jing, Zhou Dan, Chen Xing. Influencing factors of university researchers’participating in university - industry knowledge transfer: Empirical research based on industry - based university in China [J]. Studies in Science of Science, 2018(02): 279-287

Liu Jing, Kang Xiaoling, Chen Xing, Ma Mingxiao. Methods, Mechanisms and Barriers of Public Procurement Shaping Innovation: Review and Prospect [J]. Science & Technology Progress and Policy, 2019(08): 152-160


Study on Innovation Cluster Fostering in High-tech Zones of Shaanxi Province Based on Embeddedness and Path Creation (2014C021),Major theoretical and practical issues research project of Shaanxi Social Science Field in 2014,Provincial and Ministerial level, 2013.7-2015.7, Presider(1/6)

Research on mechanism and Path of Public Procurement Driving Innovation based on supplier perspective -- A case study of Shaanxi Province(2019KRM116),Shaanxi Science and Technology Project,Provincial and Ministerial level, 2019. 1-2020.12, Presider(1/6)

Research on the Management System of cigarette retail customer points (99903190048), Enterprise funded research project, 2019.3-2020.12, Presider(1/7)

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