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Economics and Finance


Wang  Tao


Highest degree: PhD

College with the highest degree: Northwest University

The first-level disciplines:Applied Economics

Title:Associate Professor

Position:Master Mentor

Office phone:029-81891360


Main research directions

Corporate Finance and Investment


2006-2020, Corporate Finance, Undergraduate Course 【For Chinese students】

2012-2020, Financial Statement Analysis, Undergraduate Course 【For Chinese students】

2012-2020, Finance, International Undergraduate Course for BBA Program in English

2017-2019, Financial  Analysis, MBA English Course

2007-2020, Advanced Financial Management, Postgraduate Course

2012-2020, Financial Statement Analysis, Postgraduate Course

2012-2020, International Economics and Investment, Postgraduate Course


1985-1989, Northwest University,Bachelor of Economics

1996-1999, Shaanxi Institute of Finance and Economics,Master of Economics

2003.9-2006, Northwest University,PHD

Work Experience

1989-1997, Department of Finance of Shaanxi Province, Cadre

1997-2006, Industrial and Traffic Management Office of Shaanxi Province,Cadre

2006-present,Xidian University ,Teacher

Paper Publishing

Wang,Tao, Contracts,Control and Efficiency (ISBN 978-7-01-007412-2), People's Publishing House,2008.11

Wang,Tao,  Corporate Finance  (ISBN 978-7-5606-4115-7), Xidian University Press,2016.7

Wang,Tao, Financial Statement Analysis (ISBN 978-7-5606-5300-6)  Xidian University Press,2019.5

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