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Electronic Commerce


Li Hui


Highest degree: PhD

College with the highest degree:Xidian University

The first-level disciplines:Library Information and Archives Management

Title:Associate Professor

Position:Master Mentor

Office phone:


Main research directions

Knowledge Engineering; Development and utilization of web information resources


2006-2020,Database System

2005-2020,Network finance and electronic paymen

2006-2020,Design and implementation of business website

2019-2020,Natural Language Processing


1998.9-2002.7,Xidian University,School of Economics and Management,Science & Technology Information,Bachelor's degree in management

2002.9-2005.3,Xidian University,School of Economics and Management,information science,Master's degree in management

2007.9-2014.12,Xidian University,School of Computer Science and Technology,Computer system structure,PhD in Engineering

Work Experience

2005.3-now, School of Economics and Management, Xidian University

Paper Publishing

Li Hui, Xuan Hongsheng . Multi-attribute Mining Method for Technology Innovation Subject from the Perspective of Patent The case of Chip Patents[J].Library and Information Service,2020(6):96-107.

Li Hui,Xi Yuanyuan,Ma Yuxin,Zhang Ruimei.Traffic flow cycle prediction based on the PCA-ESN model[J].Journal of Xidain University,2019(1):20-26( EI: 20191606810415)

Li Hui,Wang Liting.Micro-blog Hot Topic Evolution Research Based on Topic Label[J].Information Science,2019(1):30-36.

Li Hui,Chai Yaqing. Fine-Grained Sentiment Analysis Based on Convolutional Neural Network[J]. Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery,2019(1):95-103

Li Hui,Tian Yadan. A Hierarchical Discovery Method of Scientific Knowledge Structure[J]. Library and Information Service,2018(7):92-102

Li Hui, Hu Yunfeng. Analyzing Online Reviews with Dyanmic Sentiment Topic Model[J]. Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery,2017(1):74-82. 

Li Hui,Hu Yunfeng.Clustering and Discovering Web Services with Topic Model[J].New technology of library and information service,2016(05):30-37.

Li Hui, Xiang Huating, Tang Qiang. An Edit Text and Structure Based Trust Model for Wikipedia Authors[J]. Journal of the china society for scientific and technical information,2015(7):743-753.

Hui Li, Jianfeng Ma. A Novel Method for Identifying Controversial Contents of Wikipedia Articles Based on Revision History. Journal of Computational Information Systems, 2015(15):5697-5707(20155201711804)

Li Hui, Xiang Huating, Tang Qiang.Trust Model for Wikipedia Editors Based on Two-mode Social Network[J]. Library and Information Service,2015(12):78-84.


Wen Haoyu,Li Hui. Design and Development of Website(HTML5、JSP)[M]. Xidian University Press,2014.

Wen Haoyu,Li Hui. Design and Development of Website(HTML5、JSP)(Second Edition)[M]. Xidian University Press,,2018.


Research on construction method and application of knowledge base based on trusted semantic Wiki(71203173),National Natural Science Foundation of China,2012.1-2015.12(1/7)

Discovering and trend forecasting of technological innovation topic based on patents(JB190610), Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities(1/5)

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