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Electronic Commerce


Liu Dongsu


Highest degree: PhD

College with the highest degree:Xidian University

The first-level disciplines:Library Information and Archives Management/Applied Economics


Position:Doctor Mentor

Office phone:029-81891360


Main research directions

Information System & Information Security Management


2012-2002, Fundamental of E-commerce Security, Chinese Course for Undergraduates [in Chinese]

2010-2020, Database Technology, Chinese Course for Postgraduates [in Chinese]


1982.9-1986.6, Department of Economic Information Management, Renmin University of China, Bachelor of Engineering in Information Management

1990.9-1993.6, School of Computer, Xidian University, Master of Engineering in Computer System Structure

2000.2-2006.6, School of Communication Engineering, Xidian University, Doctor of Engineering in Communication and Information System

Work Experience

1986.07-present, teacher in Xidian University

Paper Publishing

Liu Dongsu, Huo Chenhui. Research on Recommendation Model Based on Image Feature Matching [J], Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery, 2018(3): 49-59

Ma Sidan, Liu Dongsu. Research on Text Classification Method Based on Weighted Word2vec [J], Information Science, 2019(11): 38-42

Shao Yunfei, Liu Dongsu. Research on Classification Method of Short Text Based on Category Feature Extension [J], Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery, 2019(9): 60-67

Zhang Peiyao, Liu Dongsu. Method of Topic Focus Recognition Based on Word Vector [J], Information Science, 2019(7): 61-70

Zhang Peiyao, Liu Dongsu. Analysis on Topic Evolution of Short Text Based on Word Vector and BTM [J], Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery, 2019(3): 95-101

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