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Information Management


Liu Huailiang


Highest degree: PhD

College with the highest degree: Xidian University

The first-level disciplines:Management Science and Engineering


Position:Doctor Mentor

Office phone:


Main research directions

Text Processing based on Semantic Analysis;

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery;

Information System Design and Development;

Application and Development of E-Government;

Multimedia Information Processing


2003-,The Basis of Computer Network;Courses for undergraduate in Chinese

2003-,CC language programming,Courses for undergraduate in Chinese

2019-,Frontier Technology of Management Science and Engineering;Courses for doctor student  in Chinese


1993.9-1997.7,Xidian University,School of Economics & Management, Management Engineering,Bachelor of Management

1997.9-1999.7,Xidian University,School of Economics & Management,Systems Engineering,Master of Management

1998.9-2002.7,Xidian University,School of Mechano-Electronic Engineering,Mechanical Manufacture and Automation,Doctor of Engineering

Work Experience

2003-,Xidian University,Professoriat.


The first prize of outstanding Achievements in Humanities and Social Sciences research of Shaanxi Universities,Open Development Report on Public Information Resources (4/4);

Second Prize of Xi 'an Science and Technology Award (Soft Science),The intelligent government service system and application demonstration driven by knowledge sharing in Shaanxi Province (1/9)。

Paper Publishing

Liu Huailiang,Ma Xubu,Zhang Na. Policy Collaborative Analysis of Opening Public Information Resources in China Based on Text Conten [J]. Information Study:Theory & Applicatiion,2020,  43(04):  115-122;

Liu Huailiang,Qin Chunxiu,Liujie. The Description Framework of Scientific Text Content Based on Knowledge Element [J]. Library and Information Service,2017,  61(10):  116-124;

Li XiaoJun,Liu Huailiang,Du Jun. An Authorship Attribution Algorithm Based on Complex Network [J]. Library and Information Service, 2015,59(18):102-107;

Du Kun,Liu Huailiang,Wang Bangjin. Research on Chinese Text Clustering Method based on Semantic relevancy [J]. Information Study:Theory & Applicatiion,2016,39(02):129-133;

Liu Huailiang,Du Kun ,Qin Chunxiu. Research on Chinese Text Categorization Based on Semantic Similarity of HowNet [J]. New Technology of Library and Information Service, 2015,(02):39-45.


Research on Semantic Similarity of Chinese Text Based on Complex Network(71373200),Vertical Project,National Natural Science Foundation of China,2014.01.01-2017.12.01,Host

Research on Open Sharing of Public Information Resources(HX03201712020), Horizontal Project,China Academy of Network Science,2017.12.25-2018.12.20,Host

Research on the Coordinated Development of Regional Informatization(B019060034),Vertical Project,CyberSpace Administration of China,2019.11.01-2020.6.30, Host

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