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Information Management


Geng Ruibin


Highest degree:PhD

College with the highest degree: Zhejiang University

The first-level disciplines:Management Science and Engineering



Office phone:029-81891360


Main research directions

Social network, information sharing, network security, fans economy


2017-2018, Information Analysis and Forecasting, Chinese Course for Undergraduates

2018-2020, Computer Network Foundation, Chinese Course for Undergraduates

2019-2020, Fundamentals of Discrete Mathematics, Chinese Course for Undergraduates

2019-2020, Data Quality, English Course for International Students of MBA Program

2019-2020, Research Trends of Information Resource Management,  Chinese Course for Postgraduates

2018-2020, Data Processing Theory and Methods, Chinese Course for Postgraduates


2008.9-2012.6,Zhejiang University, Management School, Information Management and Information Systems, Bachelor

2012.9-2017.6,Zhejiang University, Management School, Management Science and Engineering, Ph.D.

2014.8-2015.8,Arizona University,Management Information Systems,Visiting Scholar

2018.10-2019.10,Singapore Management University, Information Systems, Research Scientist

Work Experience

2017.07-present,Xidian University, Lecturer


In 2017, Nomination in Zhejiang Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award

Paper Publishing

Ruibin Geng, Indranil Bose, and Xi Chen. Prediction of financial distress: An empirical study of listed Chinese companies using data mining. [J]. European Journal of Operational Research,2015,241(1) : 236-247.

Xi Chen, Ruibin Geng, and Shun Cai. Predicting microblog users’ lifetime activities–A user-based analysis. [J]. Electronic Commerce Research and Applications,2015,14(3): 150-168.

Ruibin Geng, Shichao Wang, Xi Chen, Danyang Song, Jie Yu. Content Marketing in E-commerce Platforms in the Internet Celebrity Economy. [J]. Industrial Management & Data Systems,2020,120(3):464-485.

Ruibin Geng, Shichao Wang, & Xi Chen. Internet Celebrity Endorsement: How Internet Celebrities Bring Referral Traffic to E-commerce Sites? [C]. Proceedings, 2019, Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS), 2019: 193.

Ruibin Geng, Sha Yang*, and Xi Chen. Content Monetization on Social Media: A Two-Sided Analysis. [C]. INOFRMS Marketing Science (ISMS), 2016.

Chen, Xi, Ruibin Geng, and Chee Wei. The Influence of Location and Social Network on Customers’ Acceptance of Mobile Marketing: Evidence from Group Buying Field Experiment. [C]. International Conference on HCI in Business, 2015: 256-266.

Ruibin Geng, Bin Zhang and Sang Pil Han. Economics of 'Tipping' Button in Social Media: An Empirical Analysis of Content Monetization. [C]. The workshop on information systems and economics (WISE), 2015.

Ruibin Geng, Bin Zhang, Xi Chen, Cai Shun, and Cheng Zhang. Social contagion and diffusion: Modeling the direct and indirect peer influences on repeat purchase by online game players. [C]. Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS), 2015: 224.

Ruibin Geng, Xi Chen, and Shun Cai. Microblog Users' Life Time Activity Prediction. [C] Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS), 2013: 18.

Jin, Jiahe, Xi Chen, Ruibin Geng, and Shun Cai. Microblog users' life time activity prediction. [C] Service Systems and Service Management (ICSSSM) IEEE, 2013: 481-486.


Research on the Impact of Content Consumption Based on the New Realization Model of Social Media on Content Creator's Content Selection Strategy and Behavior - Bilateral Market Dynamic Decision Modeling (71902152), National Natural Science Foundation of China, Youth Foundation Project, January 2020 to December 2022, person in charge.

Research on the Impact of Content Realization Mechanism Based on "Appreciation" on Content Selection Behavior of Social Media Users and Coping Strategies (19YJC630042), Humanities and Social Sciences of Ministry of Education, Youth Foundation Project, January 2019 to December 2021, person in charge.

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