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Information Management


Zong Wei


Highest degree:PhD

College with the highest degree: Xi’an Jiaotong University

The first-level disciplines:Management Science and Engineering


Position:Master Mentor

Office phone:15319972765


Main research directions

Analysis and control on big data quality


2018-2020, Forecast and Decision-making, Chinese Course for Undergraduates

2018-2020, Experiment of Information Storage and Retrieval, Chinese Course for Undergraduates

2018-2020, Online Marketing, Chinese Course for Undergraduates

2018-2020, Data Quality, Chinese Course for Undergraduates

2020, Data Analysis Theory and Methods, Chinese Course for Postgraduates


2005.9-2009.7,Liaoning University,College of Information,Information Management and Information System,Bachelor of Management

2009.9-2016.6,Xi’an Jiaotong University,School of Management,Management Science and Engineering,Doctor of Management

Work Experience

2016.06-present,Xidian University,teacher


Science and Technology Award of Shaanxi Province in 2019(3/8)

Paper Publishing

Wei Zong, Feng Wu, Pingping Feng. Improving data quality during ERP implementation based on information product map [J]. Enterprise Information Systems, 2019, 13(9):1275-1291.

Wei Zong, Feng Wu, Zhengrui Jiang. A Markov-Based Update Policy for Constantly Changing Database Systems [J]. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 2017, 64(3):287-300.

Wei Zong, Feng Wu, Chu L K, Sculli D. Identification of approximately duplicate material records in ERP systems [J]. Enterprise Information Systems, 2017, 11(3):434-451.

Wei Zong, Feng Wu, Chu L K, Sculli D. A discriminative and semantic feature selection method for text categorization [J]. International Journal of Production Economics, 2015, 165:215-222.

Zong Wei, Wu Feng, Hao Heng, Lin Songtao. Research on Identification Method for ERP Duplicate Material Records Based on Different Feature Vectors [J]. China Journal of Information Systems, applied.

Zong Wei, Wu Feng, Liu Wei. Research on Dynamic Data Update Strategy for Enterprise Information System Driven by Application [J]. Operations Research and Management, 2019, 28(10):175-183.


Utility-Driven Data Quality Critical Problems Management(2017M623130),China Postdoctoral Science Foundation,2018.01-2020.01, in charge (1/4)

Research on Critical Problems of Multi-information System Fusion(JB190609),the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, 2020.01-2021.12,in charge (1/4)

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