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Information Management

Wang Wenyi


Highest degree:PhD

College with the highest degree: Southwest Jiaotong University

The first-level disciplines:Management Science and Engineering



Office phone:


Main research directions

Platform Operation and Supply Chain Management



2008.9-2012.7,Southwest Jiaotong University,School of Economics and Management, Major in Tourism Management,Bachelor of Management

2012.9-2015.7,Southwest Jiaotong University,School of Economics and Management,Major in Industrial Engineering,Master of Management

2015.9-2020.7,Southwest Jiaotong University,School of Economics and Management,Major in Management Science and Engineering,Ph.D. of Management

Work Experience

2020.12-,Xidian University,school teacher


Paper Publishing

[1]Wang W. Y., Guo Q. Provision strategy choices of network video platforms in the presence of social influence[J]. Electronic Commerce Research, 2021, 02, August. Doi:10.1080/18756891.2016.1204118.

[2]Wang W. Y., Wang S. H., Guo Q., Nie J.J. Intertemporal provision strategy choices of network video platforms in the presence of social influence [J]. Journal of Industrial Engineering/ Engineering Management,  2021, accepted.

[3]Wang W. Y., Shi C. L. Self-made Drama Play Strategy Choice of Online Video Platform in the Presence of Social Influence [J]. China Journal of Information Systems, 2021,accepted.

[4]Wang W. Y., Wang S. H., Guo Q. Provision strategy choices of the network video platform under the positive and negative effect of the free trial [J]. Journal of Industrial Engineering / Engineering Management, 2021, 2021(2):130-142.

[5]Wang W. Y., Guo Q., Shi C. L. Provision Mode Choices of Online Video Content Under Social Influence [J]. Business Review, 2020, 32(7):1-14.

[6]Wang W. Y., Wang S. H., Guo Q. Research of View Counts Display Strategy of Online Video Platform Under the Influence of Expected Quality Difference [J]. China Journal of Information Systems, 2020, Series of 23:1-19.

[7]Wang W. Y., Guo Q., Wang S. H. Fuzzy Lattice Order Group Decision for Preference Ranking in conflict analysis[J]. International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems, 2020, 16(4):161-183. Doi:10.4018/IJEIS.2020100108.

[8]Guo Q., Wang W. Y. Fuzzy Multi-Objective Lattice Order Decision Approach for Preference Ranking in Conflict Analysis[J]. International Journal of Computational Intelligence System, 2016, 9(4): 698-708. Doi: 10.1080/18756891.2016.1204118.

[9]Wang W. Y., Wang S. H., Guo Q. Research on the pricing strategy of the retailers under the consumer information dissemination [J]. Soft Science, 2018, 32(6): 134-139.

[10]Wang S. H., Wang W. Y., Liu Y.T.,Guo Q.. Effect Evaluations and Measures Research of Incentive Policies of Science and Technology Achievement Transformation: A Case Study of Sichuan Province [J]. Science and Technology Management Research,2021, 9:145-153.

[11]Wang H. B., Wang W. Y. The Test Analysis of the Effect of Internal Controllable Factors on the Individual Human Capital Based on Structural Equation Model[C]. Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Management Engineering, Software Engineering and Service Sciences(ICMSS'17)(EI),2017, 270-274. Doi: 10.1145/3034950.3035003

[12]Zhou L. M., Wang W. Y. The influence of customer's individual differences on the zone of tolerance in highway service: an empirical study[C]. The 2nd Annual Conference on Management and Social Sciences (ACMASS), 2013.


Effect evaluation and countermeasure study of incentive policy for transformation of scientific and technological achievements(2018ZR0351), provincial and ministerial level, 2018/06—2019/05, participant(1/2).

Behavioral research on elderly care service participants in the presence of social network(KL1508), provincial and ministerial level, 2016/12—2017/12, lead.

Lattice preference and dynamic evolution of conflict analysis()National Natural Science Foundation of China, national level,2013/09—2014/06, participant(1/3)

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