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Think-tank Viewpoint | SEM Wisdom | Wang Fang: Guide the High-quality Development of Digital Economy with New Development Idea

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School of Economics and Management, Xidian University July 17

Wang Fang:Doctor of Management, associate professor and master tutor in the School of Economics and Management of Xidian University, the core member in the Soft Science Research Base of Shaanxi Informatization and Digital Economy and the Xi'an Think TankforScience and Technology Innovation, and the member in the Gray System Professional Committee of Chinese Society of Optimization, Overall Planning and Economical Mathematics.

Member of the Xi'an Think TankforS cience and Technology Innovation (Think Tank of School of Economics and Management, Xidian University)

Main engagement in:researches on the decision-making analysis, scientific and technological management and other fields. Having published over 10 academic papers (including 6 SCI search journal papers (1 ESI highly cited paper)), Wang Fang serves as the editor ofGrey Systems: Theory and Applicationand the reviewer ofInternational Journal of Fuzzy Systemsand other journals, presides more than 10 research projects such as the Natural Science Foundation of Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi Provincial Soft Science and Xi’an Philosophy and Social Sciences, wins the second prize of the Science and Technology Award of Shaanxi Province in 2015 (the 2nd person-in-charge) and the third prize of the 14th Excellent Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science of Shaanxi Province (the 1st person-in-charge).


Following accelerated iteration of the high and new technologies represented by the information technology, the development in digital economy has become the important driving force for the various countries in the world to facilitate and promote the economic growth, e.g. USNIH Strategic Plan for Data Science, theHorizon Europe,UK Digital Strategy, theInnovation Growth Engineof South Korea and theComprehensive Innovation Strategyby Japan, etc., detailing the measures and schemes to drive the development of digital economy. In 2019 October, Chairman Xi Jinping, in his congratulatory letter to “2019 China International Digital Economy Expo”, emphasized that “China pays high attention to the development of digital economy, and guided by the new development concept of innovation, harmony, green, openness and sharing, China is actively driving the digital industrialization and industrial digitalization, to lead the deep integration of digital and real economies and boost the high-quality development of economy”. This points out the direction for our country to drive the high-quality development of economy by virtue of development of digital economy, and also raises a new higher requirement on realization of the high-quality development of digital economy under the guidance of five development concepts at the same time.


Innovative development is the source power for the high-quality development of digital economy

General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed, “Innovation is the primary engine of development”. The digital economy is a product of high-tech development and requires “innovation” as critical guarantee for its high-quality development.

Firstly, the basic theory innovation shall be carried out over the key genetic technology difficulties faced by development of the electronic information manufacturing industry, software and IT service industry and telecommunications industry, as well as the new-generation information and communication technology industries like 5G, big data, cloud calculation, AI, block chain, to solve the “bottleneck” problems fundamentally.

Secondly,the engineering application innovation shall be carried out around the digital development demand of the industrial internet, integration of informatization and industrialization, intelligent manufacturing, car networking and other industries, to cultivate the new industry, new industry condition and new mode, and constantly explore extension of the digital economic development.

Thirdly, the diversified input mechanism of innovation funds and talents shall be established to deeply build up the basic guarantee of driving the digital economic development by “innovation”.


Harmonious development is the new substance for high-quality development of the digital economy

General Secretary Xi Jinping proposes, “Harmony is not only the development means, but also the development objectives, and even the standard and dimension to evaluate the development”. Harmonious development of the digital economy requires solving the unreasonable industrial structure, inharmonious regional development, prominent contradiction of urban-rural dual structure and other problems faced in the traditional economic development.

Firstly, the digital industrialization, to strengthen the high-quality development base of the digital economy, and the industrial digitalization, to drive and facilitate the traditional industrial optimization and upgrading, shall cooperate with each other and make concerted efforts to break the problem of unreasonable industrial structure.

Secondly,based on the advantage of the digital technology transcending geographical boundaries, with “new infrastructure” as an effective means, the gap between the regions (west) with weak foundations and the developed regions, by virtue of the cross-regional optimal configuration of 5G base stations, big data centers, AI, industrial internet and other infrastructures, to break the problem of inharmonious regional development.

Thirdly, theStrategic Outline of Digital Rural Developmentshall be implemented to quicken the development of rural broadband communication network, mobile internet, digital TV network and next-generation internet, and the digital agriculture, intelligent tourism industry and intelligent industry park shall be developed according to local conditions, to reduce the urban-rural “digital divide” and resolve the dual structure contradiction in urban and rural development.


Green development is the fundamental plane of high-quality development of the digital economy

General Secretary Xi Jinping stresses, “Driving and forming the green development and living way is the inevitable requirement to carry out the new development idea”. Rapid development of the digital economy sets the stage for the formation of green production, green consumption and green government administration.

Firstly, the cultivation of the green consumption product development enterprises shall be strengthened in the digital economy field, to enrich the varieties of green consumption products and lead the green consumption demand.

Secondly,the waste digital product recycling system shall be completed and perfected and the consumers’ green consumption concept shall be improved, to strengthen the recycling and utilization of the waste digital products and decrease the secondary pollution of the waste digital products to the environment, so as to build a good atmosphere of nationwide green consumption.

Thirdly, the sound environmental information acquisition and disclosure mechanism in the digital economy shall be established, and then, the energy conservation and emission reduction information statistics system correct to every factory, accurate to every household and precise to every person shall be set up gradually, to build an interaction bridge among “government, enterprises and the public” with digital technology, improve the modern governance capacity of the government, and practically guarantee the public right to know, supervise and participate.


Open development is the accelerator for high-quality development of the digital economy

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasizes, “Standing at the new historical starting point, the door that China opens will only opened wider and wider”. Digital economy is a kind of economy supported by the big data, AI, internet and other new technologies iterated frequently, and persistence in open development is conducive to the high-quality accelerated development of the digital economy. From the view of region boundary, the openness consists of the openness among different provinces, cities and districts within China and the openness to the world.

Firstly, different provinces, cities and districts shall, based on their own industrial, technological and environmental bases, conduct differential layout of the digital economic infrastructure around the AI, block chain, Internet of Thing, digital villages and other new fields, to prevent the over-advanced construction or repeated construction and seek for the joint development in a manner of openness, cooperation and complementary advantages.

Secondly,on the basis of the multi-point, multi-place and multi-national distribution characteristics shown in the generation, spread and expansion of new technologies, the cooperation shall be conducted with the developed countries to speed up relevant technology introduction and achievement transformation of the digital economy, and with the developing countries to benefit more developing countries from the digital economy.


Sharing of the benefits from development is the foothold of high-quality development of the digital economy

General Secretary Xi Jinping points out repeatedly, “Moderately prosperous society is impossible without moderate prosperity of all people”, “The key to be well-off is the fellow-townsmen”. Specific to the development concept, it is to insist in the people-centered development thinking and stress on that all people share the economic achievements. Digital economy is the important force driving the development of sharing economy, and the digital technologies enable more people to share the medical treatment, education, public resource and other services.

Firstly, the capacity construction of people sharing the achievements from the digital economic development shall be reinforced to constantly improve the people’s benefit level at the same time of shortening the urban-rural gap.

Secondly,the steps shall be quicken in the digital construction of the resources meeting the public such as the medical treatment, education and housekeeping, to create the smart medical treatment, smart education, smart housekeeping and other digital platforms for comprehensive people’s livelihood services, and meet the increasingly growing material and cultural needs of the masses to the greatest extent.

Source: Innovation System Construction Department of Xi’an Science and Technology Bureau, and School of Economics and Management in Xidian University

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