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The Rising Star of the School of Economics and Management as a Role Model

Time:Aug 15, 2020  Views:

As the highest honor for undergraduates of the School of Economics and Management, “Star of the School of Economics and Management” was selected through “online defense and online voting”. Moreover, 11 applicants were fully reviewed from self-presentation and evaluation by others. Du Yueping and Wang Linxue, Professors of the School of Economics and Management, Wang Weidong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, the School of Economics and Management, Jin Yangqun from the Organization Department of the School Party Committee, Tian Jingquan, Publicity Department of the School Party Committee, Wang Xin, Department of School Affairs of the School Party Committee, and Ma Yuankai, Office Director of the School of Economics and Management were invited to be judges of online defense.

11 applicants were respectively introduced in details from ideology and morality, academic situations, social practice, volunteer service; scientific research competition and other aspects and they answered questions raised by judges in online defense. After they finished online defense, Du Yueping, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of the School of Economics and Management made an excellent comment on their defenses. Du Yueping affirmed achievements made by those applicants during the past year, aimed at present epidemic prevention and control and set forth responsibilities, missions and duties of students in the new era in combination with their practical experience. His comment seemed to be a vivid ideological and political course, which was interesting and profound.

The Organization Department of School CYL Committee convened an activity to “Pick the Most Shining Star of the School of Economics and Management in Your Mind” in online voting, which attracted faculties, students and their parents. During the activity, total online page views reached 6,475 person-times and total number of votes reached 13,401 person-times.

After comprehensive assessment, Zhang Zhan, Yang Hanxu and Sun Haihang won the title of “the Star of the School of Economics and Management”。

Role Model for Successors

In the afternoon of June 14, “Pioneer Server”, “Scientific and Technological Talent” and “Role Model” were selected through online defense. Participants were summarized and presented according to awards applied. Meng Xiangfeng from the Office of Faculty Affairs, Wang Xin from the Department of Student Affairs of the Party Committee, Qu Jianjing, Yang Huike, An Xiang, and Zhang Jin, Instructors of the School of the Economics and Management were invited to be judges.

Liu Jueya, Wang Wanqing, Wang Xinfeng, Zong Sichen, Chen Zihao, and Zang Jianing, applicants for “Pioneer Server”, made outstanding achievements in student work, volunteer service and other aspects. As a member of Western China Volunteer Service Project for Chinese College Students, Liu Jueya successfully provided volunteer service for several major events. Wang Xin actively participated in public service activities, including metro volunteer service and AIDS prevention and publicity. Mao Xiaoye, Yin Xiaoxi and Zuo Yi, applicants for “Scientific and Technological Talent”, were devoted to science and technology competition. As the winner of National Gold Award for Challenge Cup Undergraduate Business Plan Competition, Mao Xiaoye described how he adopted strengths and avoided shortcomings, challenged himself and made a breakthrough in science and technological competition as a student of liberal arts. Zuo Yi told his story from a technical newbie to a technical “expert”. Wu Xiaohui, Li Yang, Yang Xinqian, and Zhou Shiya, applicants for “Role Model”, introduced themselves and described their understandings of how to set an example.

In the context of fairness, justice and openness, Outstanding Student, Excellent Student Cadre, and Clean Dormitory, Excellent League Organization, Clean Dormitory and others in Qian Yonggui Alumnus Scholarship were selected online, which established platforms for mutual exchange and learning of students. Moreover, some advanced models were selected and played leading roles.

“The online selection activity has been successfully convened. Moreover, the rigorous and standard work-flow leaves a deep impression on me. What surprises me is performance of students during online defense. They are excellent. I need to learn from them!” Chen Wenhui, a freshman said after watching the online defense session.

It is said that the School of Economics and Management has attached high importance to Qian Yonggui Alumnus Scholarship Selection Activity, paid attention to integrating integrity education, responsibility education and gratitude education of students into it so as to make improvements mentally, be mature psychologically, and make progresses spiritually while feeling the power of model. Therefore, scholarship selection has been a vivid ideological and political course.