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Defense Review of Qian Yonggui Alumnus Scholarship by the School of Economics and Management

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(Correspondents: An Xiang and Meng Dehua) The alumnus fed back his alma mater and sponsored students from the School of Economics and Management. From May 20 to23, 2018-2019 Defense Review of Qian Yonggui Alumnus Scholarship was successfully made in the Conference Hall 324, Xinyuan Zone II, the School of Economics and Management, during which five individual scholarships, such as “Pioneer Server”, “Role Model” and “Scientific and Technological Talent”, were selected. Ma Yuankai, the School Office Director, Li Han, the Vice School Office Director, Meng Xiangfeng from the Office of Faculty Affairs, and instructors of different grades acted as judges. Moreover, ten student judges were randomly invited from present students. After fierce and wonderful defense presentation, 29 students, including Yu Huiyan, finally won their own individual scholarships.

At night of May 20, “Pioneer Server” in Qian Yonggui Alumnus Scholarship was selected. Nine applicants from three grades successively made defenses by lot. After the selection began, applicants respectively described their personal information, academic achievements, awards obtained and others, focused on setting forth social practice and volunteer service activities they attended in the past year in accordance with selection criteria of “Pioneer Server”, and talked about their gains. Zhao Kun, who is a student of class 2016, has actively participated in action of autism care since he was a sophomore, persisted in communicating with autistic children per week, encouraged them to bravely express their own ideas, and convened big events of “Children from the Stars” to care for autistic children in two consecutive years. These events were reported by Xi’an Daily and other media. Han Jinchao from the class 2015 has taken part in the rehearsal of the original drama of the Eternal Wave for almost a year, attended three official performances, and striven to convey the spirit of Xidian predecessors. Moreover, he has determined to be a support education teacher in a poor village for a year after graduation and written a section of regretless youth with his knowledge and perspiration. Throughout the defense, the precious spirit of students involving in volunteer activities and serving the society left a deep impression on and touched us. Moreover, the defense provided a precious opportunity of learning for students watching on site and fostered their enthusiasm in volunteer service.

At night of May 21, Defenses for “Role Model” and “Scientific and Technological Talent” in Qian Yonggui Alumnus Scholarship were made as scheduled. 11 applicants successfully went up on the stage, related their own stories, and introduced their achievements made in scientific and technological innovation. Wang Qinian from class 2017 has raced to the top, constantly challenged himself and made outstanding achievements in learning and work since he entered the University. Moreover, He has taken “Knowledge is Infinite” as the motto, improved himself by actively participating in student activities and discipline competition, and driven classmates around to make progresses. Zheng Boxin from class 2015 is a genuine “Scientific and Technological Innovation Expert”. As a student of the major of Business Administration, he has positively taken part in scientific and technological innovation activities at the time of learning his major. Moreover, he has been interested in chemical experiment and astro observation, independently designed and manufactured a generator with temperature difference, automatic equatorial instrument of telescope and other scientific and technological products and won more than forty prizes. After the defense, present students gained a lot. Li Annan from class 2018 said that “I am highly encouraged by brilliant defenses. Excellence is a habit. I need to look up to them, focus on learning, and constantly make a progress so as to live a busy and colorful university life.”

From May 22 to 23, the School selected “Outstanding Student” and “Excellent Student Cadre” in Qian Yonggui Alumnus Scholarship in the sound atmosphere of fairness, justice and openness. Then, individual scholarships were successfully selected.

Integrity education, responsibility education and gratitude education of students were integrated into the selection of individual scholarships from event organization to result reveal so as to enable students to make improvements mentally, be mature psychologically, and make progresses spiritually while feeling the power of model. Therefore, scholarship selection has been a vivid ideological and political course.