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SEM Held the "Huashan Scholar" Program and Junior Faculty Development Program (I)

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 On the afternoon of February 28, to further strengthen the construction of young teachers and build a platform for communication and exchange, the SEM held a symposium on "Huashan Scholar" Program and Junior Faculty Development Program in Room 327, Xinyuan District II, South Campus, at which Chai Jian, Distinguished Professor of Huashan Scholar (under cultivation), the Executive Dean of SEM, and junior faculty members attended. The symposium was presided over by Associate Dean Huang Meijuan.

 At the beginning, Associate Dean Huang Meijuan briefly introduced the participants of the symposium and pointed out that she hoped to enhance the sense of identity, belonging and mission of junior faculty, provide a foundation for their success through a series of activities, create a inclusive, free and relaxed atmosphere for social and academic exchanges, cultivating high-achieving talents with both integrity and expertise for the future of SEM.

 Subsequently, Executive Dean Chai Jian introduced the overall situation and future development plans of SEM from the aspects of teaching, scientific research and disciplines. He encouraged young teachers to shift their roles as soon as possible, to devote themselves actively to teaching and scientific research, and to realize the goals of personal growth, education, teaching and scientific research in a planned way. He stressed that junior faculty should make contributions to the talent cultivation of Xidian University and development of the SEM through aiming at the right direction of scientific research, cooperating closely with the SEM team, carrying out meticulously all the academic programs applied, and integrating personal and career growth into Xidian’s overall development.

 At the symposium, young teachers made an exchange of opinions and delivered speeches based on their actualities. Everybody at the meeting spoke open and freely in a lively atmosphere, andit broadened their horizons and enlightened their thinking.

 Zhang Chengyuan, Huashan elite associate professor and associate professor of Economics and Finance Department, said that the symposium made us further understand the major national strategies, Shaanxi characteristic industries, as well as the development direction and focus of the SEM and disciplines, and further strengthen our confidence in developing in the established academic direction. In the future plans, the SEM, combined with the development direction of the school, will actively integrate itself into the national strategies and Shaanxi characteristic industry planning strategies and take the initiative to contribute to the development of the SEM and disciplines.

 We expatiated the development status and targeted orientation of the college and disciplines, analyzed the current national situation, helped junoirs to meditate on their planning and development of the next 3 to 5 years, and gave them many specific suggestions in teaching and scientific research, said Guo Ning, associate professor of the Management Engineering Department.

 Dean Chai guided us on how to cultivate ourselves from different perspectives as teaching, scientific research and academic programs. As a junior teacher, we should make full use of the premium resources of the SEM, give full play to our own advantages, maintain our sensitivity to cutting-edge research, and realize the coordination and unity of personal and school’s development, said Fan Guoqiang, Huashan prospective associate professor and lecturer of Management Engineering Department.


 Wang Jiamin, Huashan Prospective Associate Professor and lecturer of the Information Management Department, said that this academic salon gave juniors a better understanding of the discipline layout and development planning of the SEM and offered a suggestion that to achieve excellent career, they need to actively integrate themselves into relevant academic teams in combination with local economic development priorities, the characteristics of Xidian University and the orientation of the SEM, said Wang Jiamin, associate professor of Huashan Scholars and lecturer of Information Management department.

 In order to study, publicize and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, to further promote the work of the School's Party construction, and to adhere to the principle of the Party's management of talents, respect labor, respect knowledge, respect talents and respect creation, the SEM has launched Junior Faculty Development Program. In the follow-up, a series of activities such as reports, symposiums, visits and studies will be conducted to enhance juniors' sense of identity and belonging to the university and the school, to improve the overall level of the school teachers, to enhance the effectiveness of teaching ethics construction, to build a prospect of treasuring talents, cultivating talents, introducing talents and using talents, and to create a cohesive, relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for their growth and development.