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Business Administration


Zhang Weili


Highest degree: PhD

College with the highest degree:Northwest University;

The first-level disciplines:Business Administration

Title:Associate Professor

Position:Master Mentor

Office phone:


Main research directions

Human Resource Management, Cross-cultural Management, Business Ethics, and Economic Laws and Regulations


1999-2001,Labor Law, Marriage Law in Northwest University (master degree candidate in Law School) ,undergraduate students, in Chinese

2001-2018, Principles of Management, undergraduate students,  bilingually available since 2002, and wholly in English since 2010

2002-2004, Public Relations, undergraduate students,  in Chinese

2002-2014, MBA English, MBA students

2002-2014, Economic Law, undergraduate students, in Chinese

2002-2014, Human Resource Management, undergraduate students, bilingually available since 2003, wholly in English since 2011

2012-2015, Internet Laws & Regulations, undergraduate students, in Chinese

2012-2013, International Commercial Law, undergraduate students, in English

2013-2017, Cross-cultural Communication, undergraduate students,  special topic lectures in the course of Cross-cultural Management run by 3-teacher team, bilingually or wholly in English available

2016-2020, Business Ethics, undergraduate students, MBA students, in Chinese or wholly in English available

2020- , International HRM, undergraduate students, in Chinese

2020- , Cross-cultural Management, undergraduate students, in Chinese


1993.9-1997.7,School of Culture and Museum, Northwest University, Bachelor Degree in History

1994.9-1997.7,Law School, Northwest University, Minor in International Economic Law

1998.9-2001.7,Law School, Northwest University, Master Degree in International Economic Law

2005.9-2011.7,School of Economics and Management, Northwest University, Doctor Degree in Economics

Work Experience

1997.07-1998.9,Associate consultant in Fazheng Law Firm

2001.06-2020,Faculty member in Xidian University

2019.11-2019.11,Visiting scholar in Virginia Tech


Working as main researcher in 2 teaching approach research projects financed by Xidian University on management course teaching and bilingual teaching with awards in 2004 and 2005

Working as main researcher in several research projects presided by school colleagues with 3 of them winning municipal and provincial awards in 2009, 2013 and 2014

Paper Publishing

Ai Shi-zhong, Du Rong, Zhang Weili and Cathal M. Brugha, A Nomology-Based Group-Decision Making Methodology and Its Application[J]. Chinese Journal of Management Science, 2011, Vol. 19 Issue (1) :177-184

Zhang Weili, How to Develop Circulative Economy in China: An Effective Mechanism[J]. Social Scientist, 2011(3)

Zhang Weili, Kou Yaling and Zhaishujun, High-performance Modern Government: A Systematic Construction View[J]. Social Scientist, 2010(5)

Zhang Weili, Su Zhenfeng and Zhaishujun, Scientific Development View, Harmonious Society, Thrifty Society and Circulative Economy[J]. Academic Research Forum, 2005(12); cited and reduplicated by Renmin University Photocopying Literature Journal (socialist market economy theories and practice edition), 2006(3)

Zhang Weili, China’s Foreign Investment Law System: Status Quo and Improvement[J]. Theory Upfront, 2001(1)

Zhang Weili, Cyberspace Legal Regulation: Public Order and Its Development in the New Era[J].Journal of Xian Jiaotong University(philosophy and social science edition), 2001(1)

Zhang Weili, China’s Entry into WTO and Financial Service Development[J]. Journal of Northwest University (social science edition), 2000(3)


He Liancheng, Peng Lifeng and Zhang Weili, China’s Modern Development: the Economic Thoughts Behind the Overwhelmingly Hard Effort, Social Sciences Academic Press, 2013

Business English, editor-in-chief, published by Xidian University Press, 2013

Participated in the writing and editing work of several academic research books and textbooks such as China’s Socialist Economy Theories (2009), Human Resource Management(2006), Economic Laws in China(2014), etc.


Research on the Cross-cultural Management Challenges in the Construction of the “Silkroad Economic Belt”, March,2015-March,2017

Research on the Knowledge Management Strategy in the Development of Cultural Industrial Clusters, Oct., 2010–Oct., 2013

Research on Knowledge Sharing in the Development of Xi'an Cultural Industry Cluster under IT Background, Aug.,2010-Aug.,2012

Research on Training Project of International Students of BBA Program in School of International Education, Xidian University, May-Dec.,2010

Corporate Culture System Designing, Aug.,2010-Dec.,2010

Research on Computer and Network Technology-based Financial Management Innovation, Nov.,2008-April,2009

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