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Business Administration


Chen Dingfan


Highest degree: Master

College with the highest degree:Southwest Petroleum University

The first-level disciplines:Business Administration

Title:Associate Professor


Office phone:


Main research directions

Big data modeling and analysis in marketing

CRM, Brand management

Time series analysis and forecasting Hierarchical Linear Models Quantitative methods in marketing research


Marketing Research and Analysis

Operational Research

Marketing Management Quantitative Methods in Marketing


M.S in management science and engineering, Southwest Petroleum University,2004

Chemical engineer, Institute of Shaanxi Metallurgy Design and Research,1999-2001

B.S. in chemical engineering, Wuhan University of Science and Technology,1999

Work Experience

Associate Professor of marketing, Xidian University(XDU), 2012-Present  

Visiting Scholar, University of Delaware,2018-2020

Visiting Scholar, Peking University ,2012-2013

Lecturer , XDU,2006-2012  



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Chen Dingfan , Ding Deng. Social Value of Microblog developed by Tencent[J], Human Resource Management,2012,5:191-192. (in Chinese)

Chen Dingfan, Xia Yonglin. An Algorithm about Customer Value Based on CVA [J], Value Engineering, 2011, (24) :12-14. (in Chinese)

Chen Dingfan. How to manage your brand relationship [J],Business Economics,2011,8:3-5. (in Chinese)

Kang Xiaoling, Chen Dingfan. Entrepreneurial Marketing and market research[M], Xidian University Press,2017.8


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