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XDU SEM Professor Du Rong and Her Team Published the Signed Article Identifying Rumor Keywords: How to Win the “Information War” underneath the Fight Against Epidemic? in Economic Information Daily

Time:Mar 1, 2020  Views:

(Correspondent: Yang Huike) On February 28, Professor Du Rong and her team of the School of Economics and Management, Xidian University, and Professor Xu Xin and his team of the School of Economics and Management,Tsinghua University, cooperated to research the rumor identification problem underneath NCP epidemic situation, and published the signed articleIdentifying Rumor Keywords: How to Win the “Information War” underneath the Fight Againstepidemic? in Economic Information Daily, whicharoused extensive attention from society.

Started with“national‘scrambleto buy’Shuanghuanglian Oral Liquid”a few days ago, based on the rumors,pseudoscienceandfalse informationlisted by the Tencentplatform for rumorrefutation“Fact Check”during February 8–15, the Article, in which the data extraction is conducted with computer software to identify the keywords and the data analysis is carried out respectively withgraph rankingTextRankalgorithm andinverse document frequencysynthesisIF-IDFalgorithm, respectively obtains 40 keywords including“virus, mask, Wuhan”and“coronavirus, novel”, as well as the word cloud, and draws the conclusion that the rumor has the three-pointstructuralfeature of significance, sensibility andfuzzification. On the basis of above analysis, the Article points out that, those articles without reference source, just emoting and expressing views and lacking of fact and basis may become the source of rumors andmisinformationin most cases, and then, it comes to a conclusion that, to win the“information war”against rumors and misinformation, the knowledge reserve and rational judgment ability of the public must be improved, and also appeals to the general public to arm themselves with knowledge and rationality and fight an“informationwar”against the rumors and misinformation. The Article, as published, was reprinted bySina Finance, Sohu, Dafenghao and other famous media.

It is reported that, in this fight against COVID-19, the teachers and students from the School of Economics and Management, on the basis of their own positions, combined their specialty features and scientific & technological advantage accumulation,responded actively and undertook initiatively to give full play to the think tank function of SEM specialty and offer advice and escort for the development of regional economy and industry development. Associate Dean and Professor Chai Jian and his team have deeply researched the influence of this NCP epidemic on the economy in Shaanxi Province, documented the policy reportInfluence of NCP on Economy of Shaanxi Province and Policy Proposalandsubmittedto the United Front Work Department and the General Office of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee; Professor Zhou Xiaoyang and her team focused on the important force in the fight against NCP epidemic–the chip industry, and published the reportAnalysis and Countermeasuresfor the COVID-19 Influence onthe Whole Industry Chainof ChipsinEconomic Daily–China Economic Net; these achievements gained wide attention of the government and society.