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Fight against “Epidemic” | SEM Zhou Xiaoyang and Her Team: Make Suggestions on China’s Fight against “Epidemic” in Respect of Chips

Time:Feb 17, 2020  Views:

(Correspondent: Ma Yuankai, Yang Huike) During the Spring Festival in 2020, the unexpected COVID-19 outbreak struck Chinese economy and society severely, and lockdown, “prolongation” and “suspension of business” became the hot words for a time. In case that the entire country faced the production trouble, how the chip industry with powerful nation of science and technology as mission broke through the epidemic influence and continued good development became an important mission. Zhou Xiaoyang, a Professor in School of Economics and Management of Xidian University and the president of Guangdong Xinjuneng Semiconductor Co., Ltd., and Wang Shouchun, the Honorary President of the School and the Director of the Forecasting Science Research Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, carried out the joint research with a title of Analysis and Countermeasures for the COVID-19 Influence on the Whole Industry Chain of Chips, analyzed the influence of this epidemic on the chip industry of China and provided the copying strategies in the context of both the fight against epidemic and trade friction. Full text of this article was published by China Economic Net under Economic Daily on February 16.

We must hold the key the independent innovation of core technology tightly, which is an important instruction of General Secretary Xi Jinping in the National Scientific and Technological Innovation Conference. In this fight against COVID-19, the chip industry becomes one important force providing indispensable technical support for the epidemic monitoring and protection, testing and examination, and treatment. Infrared body temperature detector, infrared imaging monitoring and thermometer, biochip shortening the detection time of virus samples, “cloud supervisor” of Huoshenshan and Leishenshan hospitals and intelligent medical equipment… these technical terms in the process of this epidemic prevention and control are closely related to the chip industry. Even the technology of real-time tracking of epidemic situation by virtue of information technology cannot be achieved without guarantee from the communication chip. Development of the chip industry is not only necessary for the current epidemic prevention and control, but also the “key” of national independent innovation concerning the overall development.

During the epidemic prevention and control, XDU faculty and staff actively and voluntarily joined in the strong force against epidemic” and helped each other in their respective posts. Combined with her professional knowledge, Professor Zhou Xiaoyang fully exerted her own advantages, and undertook the responsibility of economic and social development in this special period to contribute her wisdom and strength to the development of national core science and technology industry, which showed her strong patriotic feelings. Economic Daily is a party newspaper directly under the central management and sponsored by the State Council, which is an important public opinion position for the Party Central Committee and the State Council to guide the national economic works, and also an important window for the countries to know the trend of China's economic development. Publishing of this article in full text in China Economic Net under Economic Daily shows its reference value. On February 17, this article was reprinted in full text by the domestic main “internal reference” media icbank of semiconductor industry, and also reprinted by Tonghuashun Finance and Economics, Finance and Economics, global and other well-known media.

As the winter is over and spring comes early, the flowers will bloom just like the new life and hope. The School of Economics and Management of Xidian University will carry on contributing its wisdom and strength to the victory of fight against epidemic” under the strong lead of the party as always. The chip, semiconductor and electronic manufacturing industries are the major industries of Xidian University. The university will assist the development of China’s chip industry by virtue of cultivating more excellent talents and producing more high-quality achievements, so as to contribute to the realization of China’s powerful nation of science and technology and untiringly struggle for a higher quality of life for the multitude. Everything in China will surely be fresh again as the flush of dawn shines the vast land of China!