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Research Institutions

Time:Aug 16, 2020  Views:

  1. Research Center for Shaanxi Information Resources (Provincial level, established in 2008)

  2. Research Base for Shaanxi Informatization and Digital Economy Soft Science (Provincial level established in 2017)

  3. Northwestern Research Center of New-Style Urbanization (Regional level, established in 2013)

  4. Center for Scientific Data Management and Regional Policy Research (Regional level,established in 2018 as a new type think tank in Shaanxi universities)

  5. Research Institute of Xi’an Development (Regional level, established jointly with the city in 2018)

  6. Institute of Silk Road Economic Belt Development (Established jointly with Shaanxi Academy of Social Sciences in 2015)

  7. Research Center for Regional Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Established in 2017)

  8. Research Center for Military-Civilian Integration Strategy (Established in 2017)

  9. Institute of Information Technology and Electronic Commerce  

  10. Institute of Management Science and Decision-Making  

  11. Institute of Knowledge Management and Cross-Culture Study  

  12. Institute of Information Management  

  13. Institute of Electronic Commerce and Logistics

  14. Research Center for Modern Finance

  15. Research Center for Industrial Development

  16. Research Center for Regional Economics

  17. Institute of Organizational Strategies

  18. Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management  

  19. Research Center for E-Government

  20. Institute of Public Policy